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    It should already be a thing. But if not then we can look into this further. I do like this suggestion.
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    Land Claims Bug

    When making a claim and trying to give certain access like containertrust for planting/harvesting crops you have to set it as buildtrust.
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    Atherial Crown Issues

    Any issues with the crown in the epic crate will need to be outlined here in full detail. Video would be very helpful.
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    Hats! You guys wanted to be able to craft these things!! Here it is!!
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    Crates Yes you read that correct!!! We have brought our crates back! We have 4 of them. The crates them selves are located in this cute little building just south of spawn. works with the works with the works with the works with the The next thing that everyone asks is "well how do we...
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    Land Claims

    Trust When adding people to your personal claim make sure you first and foremost trust them 100%. I will not investigate someone taking your things that you have given full trust to. Your claim your responsibility. There are 4 different types of trust: Manage These are the people you really...
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    Land Claims

    Child Claims Child claims are just a smaller claim within a large claim. Things you would use a child claim for are the flags you don't want the whole claim to have. So if you want your friend to have access to certain chests or barrels just make a child claim and give them trust on that claim...
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    Land Claims

    Land Claims Items needed: Stick Feather You start with 100 on first join. You can get up to 100/hour of game play, if active. Or you can get up to 50/hour while afk. There are several ways to claim lands. First way is via command. /claim (claims a 11x11=121 blocks) Second way is via item...
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    I have made a video with all 3 of these elements in it!!! Craftbook video
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    RANGED COLLECTOR 101 [MC1214]S Items you will need for making a ranged collector: Chest Sign Block This is the bare basics for what you need for a ranged collector. You set your block down, then place chest or double chest on top of that then place your sign on the block so that it is below...
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    SORTER 101 [MC1229]S Items you will need for making a sorter system: Chest Barrels Pistons Sticky Pistons Glass You can start with making your ranged collector then your piping system. After you make your piping system, you are going to want your things to be sorted. There is several ways to...
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    PIPES 101: Items you will need: Glass blocks Pistons Sticky Pistons Chests Repeater Comparator Red Stone Dust Barrels The amount of each item will depend on how long you want your pipe and how many pipes you are wanting. I will show you the simplest way to make a piping system. NOTE: If you...
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    This will be everything I can think of with the plugin Craftbook

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