Land Claims

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Land Claims
Items needed:
You start with 100 on first join. You can get up to 100/hour of game play, if active. Or you can get up to 50/hour while afk.

There are several ways to claim lands.

First way is via command. /claim (claims a 11x11=121 blocks) lc1.png
Second way is via item (stick). lc2.png

The next thing is to set up your flags!!!

/setflag lc3.png lc4.png

Now that you have all your options lets move on.
There is also multiple ways to resize your claim.
First is via stick. Pretty much the same way as claiming but you select 1 corner then only move that one corner. You don't need to select both corners to resize. Its is not possible. lc5.png
Second way is via command. Now when using the command you need to be standing in your claim and looking which direction you want it to resize to.
/expandclaim (desired number)

Its the same this when making the claim smaller. When using the command you just put a negative (-) in front of the number.

Finally, if you want to unclaim just simply stand in said claim you want to remove and type /unclaim.


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Child Claims
Child claims are just a smaller claim within a large claim.
Things you would use a child claim for are the flags you don't want the whole claim to have. So if you want your friend to have access to certain chests or barrels just make a child claim and give them trust on that claim only. If you want villagers to village (harvest/plant crops; have babies) then you could set the mob griefing flag.
You will type in chat /childclaim then select the area as you would by making a new claim, opposite corners.


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When adding people to your personal claim make sure you first and foremost trust them 100%. I will not investigate someone taking your things that you have given full trust to. Your claim your responsibility.

There are 4 different types of trust:
  1. Manage
    These are the people you really and I mean really trust. They have full access to your claim. They can even adjust your claim and add people without your knowledge.
  2. Build
    These people are only allowed to build or break things.
  3. Containers
    These people can only access your containers.
  4. Access
    These people can access things such as doors, buttons, levers, trapped doors, or pressure plates.
Again and I can't stress this enough...... PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REALLY AND I MEAN REALLY TRUST WHO YOU ADD.

The commands are:
/managetrust <player>
/buildtrust <player>
/containertrust <player>
/accesstrust <player>

Also side not these are all tab complete.
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