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3 months ago
[CANCELLED] Crate Build Contest!!



Crate Build Contest:


This contest is open to everyone.

This contest will go on for 2 weeks.

09/01/2019 - 09/14/2019 10pm Central USA time.

Winner will be announced by 09/15/2019 10pm Central USA time.

Take your time there is no rush.


When the judging is going on you will lose access to the claim but you will get access back after the judging is over.


Build contest guidelines:

  • Spawn theme (modern-medieval)

  • Open roof for fireworks

  • No flowing liquids or growing/moving/lagging blocks

  • Place for 10 chests (see below)

  • 30x30 area

  • Nothing that causes death to players or player traps

  • No hidden areas or chests, etc.

  • No beacons!


As for the crates that are needed (4 chests):

  • Common Crate 

  • Uncommon Crate

  • Rare Crate

  • Epic Crate

Other chests needed (6 chests):

  • Upgrade common -> uncommon

  • Upgrade uncommon -> rare

  • Upgrade rare -> epic

  • Downgrade epic -> rare

  • Downgrade rare -> uncommon

  • Downgrade uncommon -> common


You will submit just the coords of your build by replying to this thread.



  • 3rd Place:

  • Red Shulker Box containing:

    • 16 Gold Ingots

    • 16 Lapis Lazuli

    • 16 Iron Ingots

    • 16 Diamonds

    • 1 Epic Keys

    • 2 Rare Keys

    • 4 Uncommon Keys

    • 6 Common Keys

    • 3 Egg Totems


  • 2nd Place:

  • Yellow Shulker Box containing:

    • 32 Gold Ingots

    • 32 Lapis Lazuli

    • 32 Iron Ingots

    • 32 Diamonds

    • 2 Epic Keys

    • 4 Rare Keys

    • 6 Uncommon Keys

    • 10 Common Keys

    • 6 Egg Totems


  • 1st Place:

  • Your build will be copied to spawn.

  •  Blue Shulker Box containing:

    • Stack of Gold Ingots

    • Stack of Lapis Lazuli

    • Stack of Iron Ingots

    • Stack of Diamonds

    • 4 Epic Keys

    • 8 Rare Keys

    • 10 Uncommon Keys

    • 12 Common Keys

    • 9 Egg Totems

3 months ago
New Cash Shop

We have finally implemented a cash shop. Go have a look at it. All proceeds go back to the server itself. I would also like to say thank you ahead of time!!

4 months ago
Enderchest Change

Everyone knows that Billy made a modification to the enderchest where they have 6 rows of inventory space. Due to unforseen circumstances within staff, we are having issues with losing enderchest items. To prevent further damage to player's items we have decided to revert back to the vanilla enderchest of 3 rows.

We are giving everyone 7 days to make sure the bottom 3 rows are empty so we no one will lose anything in this transition. If you want to play it safe, it is recommended to empty your entire enderchest until the change is reverted.

The revert will happen on August 16, 2019 at 10:00 PM Central USA time whether you have cleared your enderchest or not.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

4 months ago
PvP? Yes or No?

Thank you EPS your thoughts and opinions will be taken into consideration for any and all future plans.

4 months ago
PvP? Yes or No?

It has been brought up several times in the past month if we would turn PvP back on server wide. So here we are revaluating it again. It was turned off a few months ago because that is what the majority agreed on.

More details on having PvP:

  • Every claim owner has the ability to turn PvP off in every claim. 
  • Every player will have the ability to toggle PvP on themselves (with cooldown)
  • Spawn claims will be required to have PvP set to off

There are ups and downs to having PvP.

We will not be turning keepinventory on due to the fact that it removes part of the survival aspect of the game. If you don't want to lose exp or drop your entire Inventory you would just toggle your personal PvP just like the tptoggle. 

There is also the option to have a second wilderness world again (which uses server resources) and have that PvP only.

Or do we leave things like they are and we keep PvP off server wide.

This is not going in effect right away. We know not everyone is on everyday and before we make any changes we would like the community as a whole to come upon an agreement.

We want everyone to have input in this so please let us know your thoughts, opinions, emotions, or desires.

Please take a look at the poll so i can get a more acurate count on what we will be doing.

~~Pl3x Staff~~